Colombian girl around the world


The physical work was very hard, but life in the desert is hard, I could not understand it if I had not lived with them.

In the breaks, we sat in the kitchen and shared a tea next to the vegetables, the neighbors came and stayed for a while, in a language that I do not understand and sometimes I wonder if they are fighting or joking. The neighbors do not speak English, but they signal to me that I am welcome.

Two hours from Berlin and in the middle of the quiet German countryside this is Lebensgut. A small community of families gathered in a different relationship with the system to the big cities. In the middle of the community, fields of fruit trees and a biological garden that allows them to have first quality food, a small artisan bakery and a fragment of time that stops and transports us to another time.

Nice experience sharing a week with Austrian family , nine horses and two cats. unique opportunity to see the work outdoors with snow, fog , rain, sunny days …

10 days at the hippie community in Malta. The magic of meeting people from differents counntries and relate differently by workaway. 10 days without electricity, no Internet, cooking with firewood.

A few hours off of my WorkAway experience around a Millstätter lake lake 🙂  

Aqui empezó todo. Genova y sus alrededores son un lugar magico. Sin esperarlo, pero viajando para que nos pasara, terminamos cenando en esta casa cinco desconocidos.