Colombian girl around the world


Arriving in Tallinn, the place could not leave us indifferent: snow on all sides, pastel colored houses with picturesque styles and the beginning of spring. In some corners nuances of Russian culture, Georgian and neighboring countries. The blue of the sky as the colors of the flag mingle with the snow.

This week-end we lived a beautiful and magic moment in Provins city. Only one hour and half from Paris and we can have a travel time. One of my favorites spots in winter is the christmas markets in Europe. But this one was more special, because the middle age characters and the powerful atmosphere of the place. Amazing middle age dances, theater, music and of corse middle age wine : “l’hypocras”. Just delicious.

Even the ducks hide in winter, a few foolhardy tourists who come to tour the lake or gorges. Well, that has some privileges lake with snow becomes magical and an incredible place to meditate and create stories.