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Napoli is for me like a India, you like or you hate it, but it does not leave you indifferent. It was a summer visit, full of tourists and very hot, between chaos and beauty. I went looking for answers to inner questions and Napoli returned me all the answers in madness. How can you go to Naples in search of inner calm? If it is more like a trip of champions… Read More

Two hours from Berlin and in the middle of the quiet German countryside this is Lebensgut. A small community of families gathered in a different relationship with the system to the big cities. In the middle of the community, fields of fruit trees and a biological garden that allows them to have first quality food, a small artisan bakery and a fragment of time that stops and transports us to another time.

Even the ducks hide in winter, a few foolhardy tourists who come to tour the lake or gorges. Well, that has some privileges lake with snow becomes magical and an incredible place to meditate and create stories.