Colombian girl around the world


The view from the plane arriving at the airport and the climate change coming from northern Europe were quite pleasant, I went from -20 ° C in Tallinn and -4 ° C in Holland at 33 ° C and a landscape full of palm trees. Entering to the airport quickly became a long line for non-Israelite residents. On the plane I had knew that another Colombian was traveling because I heard her… Read More

Arriving in Madeira was a welcome to the tropic and joy in the middle of the European winter. I have stayed in Machico, a village far from the noise and populated with white houses with terracotta roofs. The apasibity of the place envelops me and invites me to an inner travel impregnated with blue sky and semi-deserts flowers.

Even the ducks hide in winter, a few foolhardy tourists who come to tour the lake or gorges. Well, that has some privileges lake with snow becomes magical and an incredible place to meditate and create stories.

Aqui empezó todo. Genova y sus alrededores son un lugar magico. Sin esperarlo, pero viajando para que nos pasara, terminamos cenando en esta casa cinco desconocidos.