img_0376Two hours from Berlin and in the middle of the quiet German countryside this is Lebensgut. A small community of families gathered in a different relationship with the system to the big cities. In the middle of the community, fields of fruit trees and a biological garden that allows them to have first quality food, a small artisan bakery and a fragment of time that stops and transports us to another time.

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IMG_9632Arriving at Bari , I felt as if returning to a village in the French Mediterranean . After a few visited places , cities end up looking like me . The main difference between Bari and elsewhere in the South is the large number of altars to the Virgin Mary . I had the impression of seeing one at each corner . At the end altars, are confused with the blue sky, ice cream, pizzas and more have crossed hospitable people . Read More

The ghost town : Matera

“Once absent from this world my most gracious beloved , was the city before alluded as stripped widow … ” Dante Alighieri

I arrived in Matera by night, despite all my attempts to arrive early . The first impression left me cold : lonely mysterious shadows on streets , a dizzying canyon in the center of town , deserted mountains full of caves, solitary cats . Read More

Couchsurfing is not free, most know before going to an event or to request accommodation. The hosts and organizers expect communication, participation and responsiveness. But sometimes the expectations are very high and our energies very low. Read More

Good vibe in Ljubljana

Mix of cultures, food, architecture and geography. Hippy capital, alternative spaces . Ljubljana joins the new and the old , in a city to human scale . Where the calm of its inhabitants affirms the strength of the city . Read More

Even the ducks hide in winter, a few foolhardy tourists who come to tour the lake or gorges. Well, that has some privileges lake with snow becomes magical and an incredible place to meditate and create stories. Read More


Reflections to staying in a hostel after 30

I chose this hostel in Slovenia, because the ad promised quiet, friendly atmosphere and amazing view to the lake. It was getting to the place and I realize that the average age of the guests was in 23 years. I said, ok, I’m here, let’s see what happens. Read More

Nice experience sharing a week with Austrian family , nine horses and two cats. unique opportunity to see the work outdoors with snow, fog , rain, sunny days … Read More

IMG_012410 days at the hippie community in Malta. The magic of meeting people from differents counntries and relate differently by workaway. 10 days without electricity, no Internet, cooking with firewood. Read More

Sun is coming in Austria

A few hours off of my WorkAway experience around a Millstätter lake lake 🙂



It took me more than 15 hours to view the channels. I arrived in Mestre and I have stayed with Manuel, an Italian from Couchsurfing, who speaks perfect Spanish with Mexican accent. Share a plate of pasta and a bottle of wine in his home it was more tempting to compete with masses of tourists into space for a picture at the Piazza San Marco.

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This story begins with a visit to my Italian-Mexican friends near Siena. A dream trip . A tour of the ” dolce vita ” and  the strength to travel all summer , all year round.

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