In winter the «Rainbow» community takes the place. In spring and under 44 ° C only a few hippies and some daredevil tourists come to enjoy Metzoke Dragot of the Dead Sea and natural freshwater births on the beach. The place doesn’t have any comfort, such as Ein Bokek a few kilometers away that has luxury infrastructure and free.

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I have been able to live and work in a Bedouin camp due to the WorkAway platform, a platform that connects locals and travelers, to make a cultural exchange and services without making a monetary exchange. Normally five hours of daily work and two days off against an exchange of accommodation and food.

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Road of Jordan

I like to cross borders, “deconstruct” edges. I had heard that it could be difficult and the fear of arriving alone in a Muslim country and having to take a taxi to the border because Israeli taxis are not allowed to cross the checkpoints of the two countries, it could not be bigger than my project and my dream of living with a nomadic community in the Wadi Rum desert.

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The view from the plane arriving at the airport and the climate change coming from northern Europe were quite pleasant, I went from -20 ° C in Tallinn and -4 ° C in Holland at 33 ° C and a landscape full of palm trees. Entering to the airport quickly became a long line for non-Israelite residents. On the plane I had knew that another Colombian was traveling because I heard her talking on the phone. Read More

City of Tallin : Like a Fairy Tales

Arriving in Tallinn, the place could not leave us indifferent: snow on all sides, pastel colored houses with picturesque styles and the beginning of spring. In some corners nuances of Russian culture, Georgian and neighboring countries. The blue of the sky as the colors of the flag mingle with the snow.

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This week-end we lived a beautiful and magic moment in Provins city. Only one hour and half from Paris and we can have a travel time. One of my favorites spots in winter is the christmas markets in Europe. But this one was more special, because the middle age characters and the powerful atmosphere of the place. Amazing middle age dances, theater, music and of corse middle age wine : “l’hypocras”. Just delicious.

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An afternoon in Tavira

Near Faro, we found this nice place. A bohemian and quiet town.

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Algarve Paradise


Praia da Rocha

A journey of an hour and a half by train and taxi to reach this place from the suburbs of Faro, but the pictures says all, we had to come.

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Christmas time in Madeira

It seems that the Madeirans become a little crazy about Christmas festivities. The cities are full of lights, music for the occasion and of course giant cribs. Read More

Arriving in Madeira was a welcome to the tropic and joy in the middle of the European winter. I have stayed in Machico, a village far from the noise and populated with white houses with terracotta roofs. The apasibity of the place envelops me and invites me to an inner travel impregnated with blue sky and semi-deserts flowers. Read More

Surrealism in and around Napoli

Napoli is for me like a India, you like or you hate it, but it does not leave you indifferent. It was a summer visit, full of tourists and very hot, between chaos and beauty. I went looking for answers to inner questions and Napoli returned me all the answers in madness. How can you go to Naples in search of inner calm? If it is more like a trip of champions than a meditation session.

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